June 20, 2009

New Sherriff in town…..

This fucker is JAGULAR!

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL is NOT gonna be pushed around by the athletes in which should BEYOND grateful to be makin money playin football.

He suspended Donte’ Stallworth from the NFL indefinitely yesterday, because he SHOULD HAVE.

Michael Vick, Pac-Man Jones, Stallworth and others have run up against the “Boss”, and Goodell hasn’t flinched. He’s thrown them all out for a time, because they have needed to be “benched”.

Athletes, whether they like it or not, ARE HUGE ROLE MODELS.

And by behaving badly in real life, and makin decisions that go against bein a good life example, these athletes NEED to be cut down.

Goodell has been a straight up UNREAL example that you are not above the law. That you CAN have consequences to shitty behavior.

Go GETEM tiger. Maybe NOW, because he has set a new precedent, athletes will think twice, and more responsibly.

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