June 20, 2009

Attn: ME

You need to hit your knees and thank God for the unbelievable support that SO MANY people have given you in the last eight months.

There is absolutely NO WAY you could have imagined the kinda love. A few shout outs…

Papeete- You sir, were here and supportive from jumpstreet. I respect the shit outta you, and the idea that I made a bit of sense to you, kept my head smilin.

Justin and Adam- your blast to fans for the Hair-Off was a monsterous push. I can’t thank you enough.

Tucker- For your own Jagular slant on the world.

Samantha- My site got fuckin BOMBED after you linked your blog to the Bikini Beast post. To one of the most misunderstood, and frighteningly bright human beings on the planet, thank you so much.

Michelle “the Roof”- Finally to my Canuck super Lez monster. I feel a kindred draw toward you. It’s somewhat shocking how intelligent and well read you are. I bow to you, and all that you have become in your life. I will sit with you someday, buy you coffee, we will hug, and not say too much. And it will feel right as rain.

I know 200k unique visitors isn’t THAT big a deal in webworld, but Shane, it’s so vastly important to remember how truly blessed you are, and how much support and connection and conversation you get to have because of it.

If you ever complain about a fuckin thing, I will hit you in the face with your own fists repeatedly.

Stay outta the “result” business. Enjoy your own journey.

And as always remember that he’s 6-5, 210 pounds, full of life, and your only real priority.



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