June 18, 2009

Attn: Virgins

YouTube Preview ImageI always promised myself I wouldn’t investigate you, because I KNEW you were gonna suck.

Prophecy correct.

You have a wealth of “socially reputable creative hipsters” that have backed you from jump, and I always just let it go, cause I didn’t want to be asked my opinion.

But, I saw this clip here, and you sent me over the edge.

Note to ridiculous bullshit artists:

You can’t sign up for a Bloomingdales In-store performance, take some loot, and then make fun of the gig. It makes you look unauthentic, and shallow and vapid, and fuckin hungry.

Oh, shit…..

Lou Reed called. He’s considering killing himself just thinkin about you.

It’s ok to be ambitious and play music for money and fame. it’s painful when people act like it’s the last thing they want, as they trip over a sales rack to get to the stage to do a bad version of an aborted Velvet Underground jam.

You may wanna look into riding into your next “Bloomies” in-store on unicycles with red ball noses on.



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