June 18, 2009

Attn: PETA

YouTube Preview ImageWhatever credibility you had has just vanished quicker than Poppa sent that flies brain through his own ass yesterday.
The very idea that you could even wrap your head around even findin somethin to complain about so that you could garner some pub for your loony, emotional, and now INSANE organization is really transparent.

It also is extremely sad. There are tons of people that have given you their likeness, name, time, and reputation for the common good of ethical treatment of animals. And now they all look like fuckin bafoons. ALL OF THEM.

I think we can assume that most of the planet is all for ethical treatment of animals. But I also know that we are at the top of the fuckin food chain. It’s survival of the fittest. We are animals at our core.

And I’m gonna eat a porterhouse whenevr I want. If my mama is freezing, and she wants to wear a coat made of fur, It’s happenin.

There is a middle ground to everything. You, with this publicity ploy have managed to steer your boat right off the fuckin “world is flat” map.

You are an embarrassment.

And you have let down, through your ambitiousness a VAST amount of people that have worked hard for their beliefs.

You suck.

I’m considering building a chinchilla farm in my back yard in protest to your fuckin lunacy.

Good day. Idiots.

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