June 15, 2009

The only reason

to get rich is this right here. There is nothin like flyin “private”. Period.

I’ve been on maybe a dozen of these trips, cause I have some rich friends, and this is one of the only times I’m like, “fuck this don’t suck at ALL”.

You drive right up to the plane and some cat in a cool outfit with a goofy hat named Bartocamus takes your bags from your trunk and then goes and parks the car as you waltz up the stairs. No lines, No security, no “germ cone” to ride around in for hours. Just you and you rich buddy and the rest of the freeloaders feelin cooler than everyone else on the planet.

There’s even the two braindead but smokin girls in tight skirts who always sorta flirt just enough to think one of them might blow you in the back.

There isn’t ONE thing bad about flyin private.


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