June 15, 2009

It's only fair…..

I’m out of options. I got no one left to get behind. No more bandwagons to jump on. The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2008-2009 champions of the entire world.

It’s well earned. I clearly believe I have showed my allegiance to ultimate Laker hatred, and could very well be the biggest Laker hater on the globe. But today, I suck up all hate, and sincerely bow to the best there is.

Led by Kobe Bryant and his dominance, this group of guys rallied together and formed the type of unity that undoubtedly only a true championship team can have.
The NBA playoff run is grueling, and there are NO LUCKY CHAMPIONS in this league. You take on the best the world has to offer, and the Lakers, who seemed in trouble and very vulnerable, shored their belief in themselves as a WHOLE, and trusted each other more, and more than likely, truly received the utter beauty of the feeling of selflessness for the sake of the better good.

Sports is absolutely gorgeous for all those reasons, and a legion of kids everywhere watched this team and lots probably got inspired to shoot one more free throw at practice, or make one extra pass cutting through the lane, or maybe had the thought go through their head that they too, with hard work and dedication to something bigger than themselves coul lead them to greatness in their own lives, on their own courts, which may have less fans, but are CERTAINLY no less important.

Los Angeles Lakers of 2008-2009, I can’t thank you enough. For by doing what you did, you have inspired, and taught lessons some kids don’t even know they have probably learned yet.

For this, I stand here and clap.

Kobe, Pau, Trevor, Lamar, Andrew, Sasha, Derek, Luke, Jordan, Shannon, Josh, Sun, Adam, Didier, and Phil.

Thank you for your example of blood, sweat, and tears.


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