June 15, 2009

I'm just gonna say it…

The state of California is going bankrupt because we spend 10 billion dollars a year paying for illegal immigrants. FACT. This is the single biggest problem facing our state, and as we “liberal” our way around the issue, our state becomes insolvent, INCAPABLE of taking care of the citizens that pay taxes. It’s fucking unfair, and it’s the single biggest thing that pisses me off most.

Kids that are citizens of this country are bein penalized, as over FIFTEEN percent of the enrolled kids in California’s public school system are illegal immigrants. This is fucking ridiculous.

We, as Californians can pay for our own, and I’m as down as the next guy to be tolerant of others, but California will NOT be able to pay it’s bills if a signifigant portion of the people living in this state aren’t paying into the system while drawing state benefits.

The politicians in the state now are wary to take any type of stance against immigration because a large part of our population is Latin, and emotional about the issue, and politicians first job in office, of course, is to start worryin immediately about gettin RE-elected.

The issue is compounded by the fact that business in California is addicted to the cheap labor that illegals provide.

This is a guarantee. Our state will NEVER get back on it’s feet financially until this problem is rectified. And the children that are citizens of this country, who live in this state will suffer.

It’s a mathematical certainty.

We need to lock down our borders and start gettin people legalized. Period.

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