June 15, 2009

Attn: Imreallysortabad

Incumbent president of Iran Imreallysortabad has no doubt fixed the election last Friday in Iran, well, because he probly didn’t win.

People may be outraged by this, and I am as well, but what’s goin on in Iran is a good sign.

The median age in Iran is 27, and fundamentalist cats like this dude are a dying breed.

Westernized to the point of not goin back, kids like jeans, free speech and goin on dates. Mamas like showin off their legs, and flirtin and Imreallysortabad encompasses the “old rule”.

The guy that more than likely won on Friday, Mir Hossein, will not get elected, and may even be killed. But this dude should always be seen as the start of a sea change.

The United States should STAY THE FUCK OUTTA THIS. We don’t need to be nation building anymore, and it’s not up for us to decide WHEN or HOW a country gets where it’s goin politically if it’s not hurtin anyone. TALKING about hurtin someone, and DOING it are two different things.

Imreallysortabad only wants weapons for respect. He’s not stupid enough to use one, unless, of course, we provoke him or back him into a corner where that could end up being his only option in his head.

The change is on in Iran. FACT. How about we stay outta the way.

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