June 13, 2009

Tool Box

There is nothin worse than seein this thing pull up to a club. NOTHIN.
you can COUNT on 17 dudes in Ed Hardy on cocaine steppin out of it. FACT.
All of them have the bad tribal arm tattoo and are training to be future UFC champions.
On the off chance the have mamas with them, those broads are chewin their own faces off because they got the free blow from the one guy in this group who made 40 billion off of some internet porn site.
Unfortunately these mamas will probably end up bein on the losing end of a rear naked choke, with someone filming them.
And no that is not vomit on their shirts, hats, hoodies, and jeans. It’s that Ed Hardy Jouster wear. There’s no way to hidem.

Note to club owner.

Find the rich tool and bang him for 16 bottles and stick him in the mop closet and hope you don’t get sued because one of the gorillas is coked up on roids, and tryin to aggravatingly finger rape some mama on the dance floor.

Good Luck….

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