June 13, 2009

The REAL problem……

While we have spent the last decade “dealing” with Iraq, and now more recently Afghanistan and Pakistan, this cat, Kim Jong Il has layed low, basically readying an atomic fucking bomb. This FUCKIN LUNATIC.
This is a real problem. In the realest way possible.

This country has shut itself off from the planet for close to 45 years, and now has positioned itself, in my opinion, as the single biggest danger to the world.

When I think about it, it gets me even more furious at these mama journalists that were fuckin around with this country on any level. They have done NOTHING but give this kook ANOTHER bargaining chip to continue weaponizing plutonium, and go unchecked.

POPPA is gonna HAVE to deal with this at some point… FACT.

This dictator has now had almost TWO generations of North Koreans in the dark with his stringent rules about free anything. At this point, the North Koreans are a nation of disciples. It’s fuckin scary. And this dude is old and sick.

It’s completely not outta the realm of possibility for this meglomaniac to feed his own ego with a missile launch somewhere.

It’s serious….. go HERE to get more freaked out….

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