June 12, 2009

The Fish

This is gonna make a Laker title a bit easier.
D-Fish, the quiet warrior, buried two of the biggest shots of his career to lead the Lakers to a 3-1 lead, and this will materialize as another banner hanging from those shitty Staples Center rafters.
But what a solid dude.

FYI, EVERY Laker fan I had come in contact with over the last month had NOTHING but gripes, whines, and shit to talk about Fisher.
Watchin all you awful people scramble back on his bandwagon with your tails between your legs, quietly lying to yourselves that you didn’t actually mean what you said won’t take away from the fact that you are all horrible fans, and bad overall people.

And since we are on this awful topic, lemme add, that i fuckin CALLED Dwight Howard crumbling emotionally, THREE DAYS ago on this blog. If he doesn’t crumble, Lakers lose last night.

I hate what’s comin.

And a title is imminent.

Yes, I’m exagerating for descriptive sake, by callin Laker fans horrible people.

Get off my fuckin back now… you have your ring.

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