June 11, 2009

Shocking revelation…

Lady Gaga, Perez’s new “team-up to famewhore each other” buddy.

She was asked how she would feel if fame went away and she had this to say…

“I wouldn’t be a person anymore”.


This is gonna turn out so great, by the way.

She’s not gonna act the way perez wants her to one too many times, and then he will spend weeks, months, maybe years tearing her from limb to limb, because he has obviously shown his “mean girl” mentality when it comes to processing anything. Literally like a 13 yr old girl.

Meanwhile, back in GaGa land, I guarantee you mama, you are already a D-lister. I know you got some idea in your head that your bigger than you are, this is an absolute.

You will be a fuckin phantom inside of the next 36 months.

And then, in your own words, “you will no longer be a person”.

Can we just fast forward to the alcohol and pill bloat picture?

And seeing as she IS on a red carpet here, I believe that it’s ok for me to comment on this mama with her end table frame. Hopefully she kept movin so someone didn’t put their drink down on her head.

15 minutes….. and it’s BEEN tickin.

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