June 10, 2009

American Example

Adam Lambert, you sir, continue to impress me.
Mr. Lambert came out to the media, and to the world this week, ON HIS TIME FRAME, under the circumstances he wanted to, and showed a tremendous amount of grace and class.
In the next Rolling Stone, in a cover they absolutely got right, he discusses his sexuality in a forthright way, and clearly demonstrates to us ALL, that it shouldn’t be ANYONE elses decision as to WHEN or HOW we do this.
The turd with the moving mouth, Perez Hilton, only attacked him because at the time Lambert’s sexuality was a big play in the schlock media, and like everything else, Perez attached himself to shaming and name calling Lambert because it was relevant in the media.
Again, Scarez, you have shown nothing but your self-interest, and as you ramble around in a quagmire of Z celebrities that use you in the same way you use them, it’s apparent that you, more and more, are becoming a “trending topic” in the world and nothing else.

We all just gotta stay outta the way of this Grimace. He’s his own worst enemy.

Mr. Lambert, I will buy anything you put out, because I support the kind of person you seem to be.


Much love.

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