June 9, 2009

Words on Tuesday

It’s so nice
to think about the tracks
where I dodged,
And watched Omaha sunsets
and thought of my little life
becoming this big
parade of kinked up knots
and snarled branches,
that I would someday
with the help
of a tiny cast
of smiling emotional billionaires.

It’s even cooler
cause I found a hand
I wanna hold
and run back there with
to show her
all the weirdy treats
that made me really weird.

from the village of women
that stood me up
and loved me,
to the very gym
that was my childhood jungle,
I want her to see it
so she can get a better idea
of all the things
that make me
wildly different,
imperfectly perfect,
puzzle piece match.

There’s more to say
not a lot left to understand.

Just come play.
I’ll catch you.

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