June 9, 2009


In the “yeah right” category, meet Aras. It’s really kinda gross. Here’s the resume…

-Double major college graduate

-former D1 college basketball player

-built like some freakish statue

-works tirelessly within the community with mentally challenged children

-Yoga teacher

-leads mutiple spiritual retreats a year

-he looks like that in real life

-and a millionaire

A REAL creep.

Actually I asked him yesterday if he had a girlfriend, cause I saw he had changed his Facebook status to “in a relationship”.

His answer, and I promise it wasn’t bein narcissistic or self-important…

“Naw I’m single, I just really don’t have energy for all the girls that hit me up”.

Someone tie this dude to a rocket, and blast him back to where he came from. It’s too fuckin much….

P.S. I forgot he is a singer/songwriter

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