June 8, 2009

Sports 101

As the curtain comes crashing down on another NBA season, and I’m faced with the undeniable fact that there will be another title comin to Los Angeles, it’s time to get reflective about how beautiful sports is and what it means to me.
Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic are outmatched.
They have enough talent to win. They are coached pretty well. They have shown heart throughout the playoffs. They won a game 7 on the road against the defending champions in BOSTON which aint easy. They circled the wagons ans shut out that national media and blew away Cleveland. Basically swept them.

And that’s where it will end. And I know why because I have experienced it with the 13 yr olds I coach.


I coached kids to back to back city title games in midget football.

The first year was a roller coaster ride, and we finished 10-1, and found ourselves in the title in a crazy emotional ride of a year.
I looked my kids in the eye that night and knew we could play with Crenshaw, but also knew we didn’t really BELIEVE we were gonna beat them. And guess what…..

18-10 losers.

The next year, with every kid comin back and deciding against playin freshman football for their respective high school, we cruised to an 11-0 record beating everyone by close to 40. And found ourselves against Crenshaw again. The boogeyman.
We were the better team, but deeeep in the nook of every kid, was the specter of non-belief.

We were better and lost. On a fumble in the last minute of the game.

I hate Kobe Bryant more than any person on Earth I think.

But Kobe believes. You can see it in his eyeballs. Dwight hasn’t won yet. And he plays exactly like a guy who hasn’t.

The mind is the single BIGGEST factor in sports. FACT.

I hope Howard wins a title.

It won’t be this year.

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