June 8, 2009


If you sell rugs like this guy for a living, we will not get along.
It has nothing to do with you personally. I just know you are a fuckin thief. I KNOW IT.
I went into one of these shoppes once, and you seemingly appeared like a genie, talkin faster than I could catch up to. I shoulda just taped a sign to my forehead that says, “I’m the fuckwad that knows NOTHING about anything in this store. Please fuckin rape me”.

But you already knew that.

The next thing I knew you had me shamed into an upgrade that cost me far more than the rug I actually wanted.
The other one was cheaper, and it was nicer to lay on. But no. You had to go and fuck me with some kinda shennanigan about this “other rug over here” bein of the utmost quality of some kinda magical camel hair that was luckily harvested from this “Arab Unicorn” in 1963.

Hey Snakecharming asshole thief scumbag…. be away!!!

My rug sucks cock, and you stole from me.

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