June 8, 2009

Attn: Mayor of Twitterville

You have my utmost respect sir. Which is why I am addressing you.
You are passionate, inspiring, and have proven time and time again through your actions that you strive to make the world a better place. BUT YOU NEED TO SETTLE DOWN AND BREATHE.

You are not some goofball banging away on a keyboard in your living room, (think me). You have an ENORMOUS amount of influence.

This issue with the journalists and North Korea does not need to be treated emotionally. You wield a massive outreach of power. And this isn’t some issue, or you highjacking a CNN sign.

The Obama administration DOES NOT NEED anymore pressure from citizens who aren’t thinkin clearly because they are personalizing something.

Rallyin people to the United Nations is not going to HELP anyone but Kim Jong Il.

I respect the shit out of you and your ability to “DO”.

You are a DOER.

But you need to breathe my man.

This is above your ability to reason right now. The entire globe could be affected by how this plays out.



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