June 8, 2009

Attn: American Journalists

Mamas, this was NOT the time to be fuckin around with North Korea. Which, of course, is WHY you were.
I sincerely hope that you will be returned sooner than later, and you obviously do not deserve twelve years of hard labor for your actions. I actually shouldn’t use the word hope, because there is NO WAY you will ever do the twelve years.
You are now being used by the North Korean government as bargaining chips to get the U.S. to the table in negotiations. If this wasn’t the case, you woulda already been executed.
I imagine the two of you are not dumb kids. And video, ANY type of video, from inside North Korea, would be considered some of the most valuable and interesting footage anyone could get right now.
I understand that human rights are human rights, and female trafficking is a major problem throughout the world. But this is a problem in about 30,000 other locations on the Earth as well. You could have investigated this issue in a LOT of other places. I’m sure you chose this location for the very reason why I would myself.
North Korea and it’s rogue behavior within the international community is the single biggest hotbed issue there is. And it’s for this reason, that I’m guessin you chose to fuck around there.
Self-interest can lead me to some really nasty situations. It seems as if your ambition has as well. But your actions have consequences that could seriously affect the globe.
Poppa is going to HAVE to concede some shit to the North Koreans now, that he never normally would have, because there is now INTENSE pressure to get you two back safely.
AND HE WILL. And you will both write books and be celebrated, and I will more than likely read them both.
But let’s be clear. YOU GOT YOURSELVES into this mess. And WE as an international community will be affected negatively because you chose to be overly ambitious.

Please get home safe, and look after one another. And in your dark time alone, take a look at the immense reprecussions your selfishness has had on the world.


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