June 7, 2009

Thank God…

I had a boy. There’s a billion reasons, but i’ll give one right now that my buddy unfortunately came to terms with while at a wedding tonight.

He was enjoying himself, and would find himself wandering off, dreaming of that wonderful day when, as a father, HE would be giving his daughter away. The walk down the aisle, the soft tears on his daughters cheek, the daddy-daughetr reception, and then……

The thoughts of his daughter being fucked silly out of her dress by a ravenous groom, who is obviously hoping for some kinda extra KINK of some sort, because, well, he’s earned it, by standin up and committing before God to take care of this woman forever.

As I listened to him verbalize the pain, I could only bite my tongue, and THANK GOD that I had a boy.

I’m not mentally prepared not healthy enough to deal with these lingering issues that must haunt the daddy of a girl.

Extra Kudos to you fine gentlemen.

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