June 5, 2009


Whoever came up with this is a bum.

First of all it doesn’t work. Or I’ve actually never seen ANYONE use it for it’s intended purpose.

I have, however, seen it used in almost every imaginable way that would annoy other human beings or animals.

Please, it’s not funny that you are high and on your couch and making your cat chase it for four hours.

It’s also dumb to bring it to a concert and put a dot in the middle of Dave Matthew’s forehead.

Also using it to try and burn your buddies cornea out while in class is ridiculous too.

Just fuckin stop with the frustration pen, man. It’s NOT funny. Read a book, copy the dude with the funny personality in your history class. JUST STOP WITH THE “Looky, I got it on HIS forehead now”! game.


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