June 5, 2009

Sick Twisted FUCK

There truly is NO SHAME in this piece of shits game. This was a tweet he sent off….

“We just received the transcripts to Mike Tyson’s daughters 911 call…”

Hey Harvey, just the IDEA that you would wanna aquire that makes you a foul, horrid fuckin human being.

Seein you on that garbage show, it’s painfully clear, you are obsessed with the false truth that bein liked by famous people is somehow making you more valid as a person.

You are a failed everything, and although I admit you aren’t dumb, why on EARTH would you choose to start a magazine show that does nothing more than feed pretentious values.

You STRIVE to pick on people for all the wrong reasons. Their appearances usually.

There’s that strange moment every once in a while where you think you are an actual news show, and I see in your body language that you DESPERATELY want to be taken seriously.

I promise you, you never will. You are complete hated joke, who I remember actually doin some strange and cool investigative reporting I think for a local news channel.

You certainly did sell your soul.

Money ISN’T everything.

You, no doubt have let your parents down, and if they are really honest with themselves at night, they don’t respect you. You have failed them as a son. You are a fuckin cockroach.

Put that 911 tape out about Tyson’s kid, and I promise you on my sons life, I will find you somehow, and spit on you.


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