June 5, 2009

Attn: Superman

YouTube Preview ImageI give you this song sir. I want you to put your headphones on and slowly stretch out your neck and my words….

You sir have been shit on by the national nedia. You have been systematically “looked over” this entire post season. The NBA, David Stern, Nikke, everyone has done everything they can to have you excused from the playoffs so they could have their “dream” match up of Kobe and Lebron.

If I didn’t know basketball I wouldn’t even have started to even know about you until the end of the Boston series.

This league and all the entities that make money off of it have done nothing but disrespect you. Classified you as irrelevant.

You are the NBA defensive player of the year, and they still have barely given you the room to play great defense without shitty whistles from the refereees to limit your ability to be aggressive.

You are the most agile and quick, big man in the history of the game, including Shaq.

The entire world is trying to hold you down still sir.

But this is your time. It’s YOUR TIME to step up and take it. Nothing has ever been easy. It shouldn’t be now.

You have a very capable group around you. There is absolutely nothin left for you to step up and become what you always were supposed to be. Look in the mirror RIGHT NOW.
Champion of the entire WORLD. Staring right back at you possibly.

It’s time……


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