June 5, 2009

Attn: Ben Silverman

The best part about me just wantin to be a blogger about the human condition is that I truly get to tell the truth.
Or my truth….

This is Ben Silverman.

In maybe the single worst decision in the history of television, this over reaching twatwaffle was mad head honcho of NBC television!

Under his watch the NBC network has fuckin CONTINUED it’s monumental slide into a shell of it’s former self.

The worst part about ambition and the human ego, is that people can truly get themselves into a situation where they are in WAY over the head.

That’s exactly what has happened here.

This dude HAS NO BUSINESS havin this job. And the network, AND us as viewers, have paid for it.

This is frighteningly pointed out with this awful braindrain jungle celebrity show.
There is nothin wrong with brain drain, but this show isn’t even what it’s supposed to be.

If people leave or pull the “ripchord” that should be a rap. Unless you are of course this demon Spencer.

I don’t even comment on Heidi anymore. She’s nothin more than the piece of luggage that this Spencer guy has evidently SEWN to his hip. A piec of nothing that he can put in a bikini and he pulls the string on her back, and she yelps “praise Jesus”.

Now after a couple of days, they are pronouncing the DEVIL was in them and they should or are praying to be allowed back.

All of this insanity I would imagine is normal, but enter this desperate dipshit Silverman, who is obviously so freaked about ratings that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the Spencer and the blow-up doll back on the show.

So all rules are thrown out, and they come up with a gimmick or 11 to get this sociopath back on somehow. We shouldn’t even vote as the American public. If we vote this whackjob off it won’t matter. Silverhack will just devise a “second-chance” challenge or somethin dumb.

This show is dumb, Ben Silverman, you are showing your ambitious desperation and I don’t care anymore. I’m a braindrain addict, and you have forced EVEN me to grow a conscience. I won’t support you, those assholes, or your network. Not until they cut you loose, which I hear is soon.

Go back to buying up shit that other people thought up. You have not a creative fuckin bone in your body. You’re a desperate hustler, with some form of nepotism into the tv game through your parents, and you have NO IDEA what you are fucking doing.

This has been PAINFULLY brought to light with this assinine show you brought back, that was, of course, some other show from a few years back that is cheap to make and somewhat successful. SOUNDS FAMILIAR….. you Ben Silverman, are a tool and a fuckin hack.

Get Lost.

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