June 3, 2009

Right Now…

My God-Daughter and her siblings are in the midst of creating memories that she very much will remember forever and ever as some of the best and most fascinating times of her life.

She’s the tall one. The eldest. And RIGHT THIS SECOND she’s seeing the country for the first time. Packed into the min-van, for the Midwestern version of the family summer vacation.
She’s seein things for the first time. Packin it into her mind, and compartmentalizing the good and the bad. Hearing sounds she’s never heard before. Dealing with her hyper and awesome brother bein a goofball in the back and stickin crayons in her ear for a laugh.
No doubt she is standing wide-eyed at the rim of the Grand Canyon, and using all 10 years of her life experience to maybe create her idea of God and his presence in her life.


The miracle and perfect imperfectness of having a “life” is happening.


I’m so lucky to be even near this.

Thanks Maddie.



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