June 2, 2009

Self-Defense anyone?

YouTube Preview ImageTwo black kids stormed into a store with guns drawn over the least few days, and unfortunately for them, Jerome Ersland wasn’t fuckin havin it.
Ersland shot the first kid in the head, then ran after the second one, then came back and emptied another gun into the kid he intially shot, killing him.

Ahh the debate starts now.

Personally, I have no issue with what Ersland did. You come into my store with a gun, and you’ve already made it real clear to me that you are potentially capable of ENDING MY LIFE.

So guess what, I will end YOURS.

The issue for Ersland is the coming back to finish the kid off. He shoulda just shot the kid six times to start, THEN gone after the other kid.

And, as ALWAYS it seems, both parties are different colors, AND it happened in the South. Fuckin PERFECT!

This ABSOLUTELY is gonna get stickier than a wonder bread-peanut butter, and syrup sandwich.

Enter Jesse Jackson and/or Al Sharpton in 5, 4, 3, ……..

If I’m COMPLETELY honest with a blind assessment based on knowing nothing, I guess the older white Oklahoma man does have prejudices against blacks, and MAY not have gone back to the kid if he had been white.

Or he could just be a grumpy old gun-totin Southerner and behaved the same way toward either race.

THIS however is very clear. These kids picked the WRONG fuckin store to try and rob.

Fascinated to see where this goes,


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