May 31, 2009

Attn: Pathetic

Another one of this broken little kids AWFUL fuckin behaviors is DECIDING for others whether they would like to be outted publicly as either gay or lesbian.
Lat time I checked. this was a personal decision, for an individual to decide for their own life, in the way and the timeframe in which THEY CHOOSE.

Isn’t this principle, EXACTLY what he is so up in arms over with the gay marriage issue.

Hey awful fuckin human, why do YOU think YOU should decide for SOMEONE else how to live their life?

Their personal decision to live their life in the closet or out has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

You Scream foul about your personal freedoms bein infinged on, while swingin a machete and DECIDING for others how they should live.

You are the single biggest piece of shit on the planet today. FACT.


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