May 31, 2009

Arafat Scarf Memories

I had forgotten this, but I did rock an Arafat scarf for halloween one year.

I actually WENT as Arafat, and a couple of my boys went as Orthodox Jews.

The costume worked out so well, that I actually got blown by a “scholar” named Ariel I believe.

Normally I don’t think I have the game to be closin night of, but it was the big Halloween party up at the Playboy mansion, and Hef evidently hadn’t had a party in 10 years. Mamas were literally actin like it was the last night on fuckin Earth. Or at least Ariel was.

After a quick chit-chat of no more than 9 minutes, I found this mama blowing me 6 ways from Sunday in some wacky shag carpeted room.

It was all a bit too much, and when it was over, she winked, said thanks, and like a summer mist, vanished.

About an hour later I was fuckin hammered and hovering around some filet mignon station and I looked over and saw my little Ariel with her tongue down some dudes throat.

I can only hope for that dudes sake she had checked out a pack of Spearmint.

I don’t know HOW this Hefner cat has lived that life, daily, for the last 50 years.

Thanks Hef.

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