May 30, 2009

Attn: Papas

FIRST OFF, I got permission from this Mama to post her quote she gave me on my voicemail this mornin.

Now for the fascination….

“I’ve been beating my cunt up all morning thinkin about you.”


It’s been makin me laugh all mornin.

Now before there is a full Mama REVOLT from my blog, I post this because I find it amazingly jagular that Mamas DO go here.

This particular mama is extremely articulate, well educated, an activist in her community, and obviously quite confident.

There’s ALWAYS a monster inside any mama. And they have their OWN fantasies. Their own sexually deviant shit they like to get down with. We aren’t the only gender that has these “crazy” thoughts and dreams.

Papas, beware and rejoice! There is a sexually confident, open-minded, crass, animal in every mama on Earth. or at least there is a small piece of one inside every mama.

Don’t get freaked out when they try and show it.

Embrace this shit, and don’t make her feel unwomanly, or embarrassed.

I think it’s jagular.

And thank you mama, for allowing me to talk about here.

Start judgment and hate here now…..

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