May 28, 2009

Attn: Poppa

Time for a deserved lashing sir.
I know you have a LOT on your plate. More on your plate since FDR.

I marched the other night in solidarity with my gay and lesbian CITIZENS. Problem is I don’t know if that’s the right word for them as of yet. Because they aren’t treated as well as me.

There is a civil rights issue that needs some direct leadership from you. FACT.

Gay marriage isn’t a “gay” issue. It’s a “civil rights” issue. There has not been a more articulate person in the White House, maybe EVER. Your ability to frame an issue and explain it with purpose is uncanny. Your orator skills rival only those of MLK in the last 100 years.

You have a responsibility to a MASSIVE portion of the people that got you elected to do this for them.

Gays and Lesbians, generally, are some of the most passionate, high-energy people alive, ESPECIALLY with something this VITAL to their own lives. You welcomed this kind of passion and energy with OPEN FUCKING ARMS when they were dilligently working en masse to get you elected less than a year ago.

I know the issue is still thought of in terms as a “gay” issue, which quickly rankles and mobilizes religous groups and the Christian right. But this isn’t a GAY ISSUE. It’s a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. And someone, like yourself who has been personally affected by your own civil rights fight as a black man in America, needs to step up.

You have the very unique opportunity, with your position, and your God given talents to connect and explain things in a way so that this “gay issue” can start to become what it really is… a CIVIL RIGHTS issue.

You spoke at a huge fundraiser in Los Angeles the day AFTER a very big day in the history of the new civil rights movement, and you chose to not capitalize on this with words of leadership.

This was absolutely COWARDLY of you.

The fundraiser was ironically hugely supported by some of the most affluent gay members in America. And you took their money sir.

I know your team is tellin you to just stay mum and not put yourself in a position to get sidetracked with “social morality issues”.

But this isn’t about MORALITY.

You have an exquisite opportunity to lead. Ensuring civil rights for all Americans to me, would be one of your greatest accomplishments by FAR, even with the heavy amount of shit on your plate.

Please find your way soon.

I didn’t elect a fuckin punk.

I hope.

Change sir. You told me it was possible.


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