May 27, 2009

Prop 8 and takin a breath….

Bless these Mamas above. I literally just sat here and cried my fuckin eyes out. This is a deep photo.
I tried like mad to find their names, and research their story and couldn’t find it.

And it seems fitting now.

The California Supreme Court ruled CORRECTLY today whether I like it personally or not.

It protected the voice of the people as they made it clear at the BALLOT BOX last November.

We in California, SICKENINGLY, voted to ban gay marriage in the State of California. THIS WAS A SAD FUCKIN HORRIBLE DAY.

Today the Court did it’s job and protected that voice.

Now the LESSON and the beauty……

MAMAS like these brave beautiful women above, are ABSOLUTELY gonna live to be married legally. We WILL as a collective VOICE, get another chance in 2010, and now that our state and it’s moral fortitude is AWAKE, I predict a fuckin rout for what is JUST.

Gay and lesbian couples, VERY SOON, will finally have the CIVIL RIGHTS they deserve, and when the Christian RIGHT, tries to have the California Supreme Court overturn our voice, they will rightfully tell them to go fuck themselves.

Because now there is precedent that the Court will not overturn a fair vote.

There is beauty in this entire process. We as Californians get to learn that VOTING is not only IMPORTANT, but highly effective.

EVERYONE’S VOICE at the ballot box counts.

And we will overturn this in 2010, and it will be forever.

We are AWAKE.

This law is wrong.

God Bless the women above and the immense amount of bigotry, and hate, and terrorizing they, I’m sure, had to suffer.



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