May 25, 2009

Oh Right……

Hundreds of thousands of men and women have given the “Ultimate Sacrifice” for their country. Spilled their blood, and left their lives on whatever battlefield was chosen, sometimes stupidly, for them.
With a calm and a strength I can only hope to have inside me, THEY followed through, and gave their lives so I can sit here and have an opinion of my very own.
So people can worship WHATEVER religion they want. So we Americans can lash out emotionally and call our elected leaders fuckin jerks if we want.

These men and women are as AUTHENTIC as you can get.

So while we all chase ass, and eat a dog, and drunkin ourselves up at somebody’s dope Malibu pad, or we freeload in The Hamptons somewhere, or we rock our awesome cut-offs to a bbq in the Heartland, let’s try and take one moment to actually remember WHY we are bein celebratory, gluttonous pigs.

And even if we don’t, the people that we are celebrating probly wouldn’t care anyway.

Their heightened level of honor allows them to see past our wasted excessive ignorance.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

All of you.

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