May 22, 2009

Time served…..

It’s time to look at this differently.
Michael Vick has been systematically fuckin slayed here for the better part of 7 months. The ugliness of his behavior and actions to me are reprehensible.

This man has just served NINETEEN months in a federal prison for his behavior. The better part of TWO YEARS of his entire life. He has lost a little over 100 million dollars. ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.

I have to believe, because I have a massive amount of experience in my own life, that you CAN learn, that you CAN make mistakes and you CAN CHANGE.

This guy has SERVED HIS TIME. Accepted a hefty list of consequences. Will forever be looked at as a satanic figure by a wide mass of emotional people that love dogs.

BUT IT’s FUCKIN TIME….. He’s earned the right through accepting consequences, to be given another chance.

He allegedly is setting up a program with the Humane Society to be a lead spokesperson for speaking to urban youth about the grotesque nature of dogfighting.

This has the makings of one the great stories of REDEMPTION ever.

I’m now on the Vick team.

He’s earned it.

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