May 21, 2009

The Underdog

Alas my final post about American Idol until next year.
America LOVES an underdog.

We have typically been a nation of upstarts and underdogs. From the very beginning of our being as a country. Born outta bein pissed off, and takin on the biggest army in the world at the time, we banded together, grabbed some pitchforks, and said “fuck you, we are done bein treated like bitches”.

And so against ungodly odds, we stood firm, took a beating, and fuckin won.

It’s in our very fabric as Americans from jump.

When I sit down and turn on a football game, or any game for that matter, if I don’t have a reason to like either team on a personal level, I ALWAYS find myself rooting for the team that’s behind. ALWAYS.

Adam Lambert was probably “too good”. It went against him for sure. The judges systematically bending over to accept his glam cock weekly didn’t help either.

I am the definition of the “underdog” myself in my own life. I gravitate AWAY from the frontrunner always, and felt myself doing so this year on this show.

Both kids deserve big careers. Both seem like great people.

But the winner made me stand and fist pump.

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