May 20, 2009


YouTube Preview ImageAfter promising myself I was finished with this stupid braindrain of a show, I was addicted after episode one.
It’s unavoidable.

Not because I twill ever buy either of these cats record. Cause I won’t.

But to watch kids on a journey to what they want more than anything, and the riveting drama of the humaness in both of them, it’s hard for me to not get wrapped up.

ANOOP was my favorite story this year, followed by the kid who lost his wifey.

It’s the HUMANESS of reaching for somethin you want more than anything. That’s why this show gets me.

I hope all these kids get what they are after, honestly.

In the meanttime, GO FUCKIN KRIS!!!!!

He should win. All the kids that were votin for Danny should gravitate toward Kris.

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