May 19, 2009

Attn: Perez

Hi, I’m Rihanna. Presently, at my age, I’m a spineless media whore, and when the goin got tough, and it was time to really give back through action, and set a good example for the millions of girls who looked up to me, I fuckin failed miserably. I won’t however give any of the actual MONEY I have made back, to any of those girls that bought my stuff. I’m just gonna spinelessly cling to you, because I’m desperately afraid of your mean and vicious and awful comments that have no merit on you blog, and I really don’t wanna piss you off.
Because hey, I’m a media whore and I love bein famous, but want nothing to do with actually using that voice to better the world.
Just like you. You fat filthy, unshowered, mean-spirited, 13 yr old conflicted piece of shit.

Love You!!! Cause it works for me for now!!!!


P.S. You can totally hit me if you want. Or at least that’s what my actions say.

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