May 19, 2009

Attn: Bill Maher

I’m so confused as to how you can repeatedly bash America’s brains in over all that is wrong with Capitalism, as you whine incessantly about how we are innately shitty people who don’t look for one another.
I take offense to you, your views, and this shirt you have on. If someone pukes on your shit, Jouster, you should change it.
As far as your CONSTANT whining about how we don’t take care of ourselves like the people do in the Netherlands, I disagree. There are millions of hours of service bein performed by people with good hearts weekly in this country. It’s just a big place.

There’s a thousand people in this COUNTRY that could purchase the fucking Netherlands.
You CAN’T compare America and the problems we have with takin care of our own with a place the size of Orange County. Of course they can pay everyone’s healthcare. And this is after the government takes 60 percent of some people’s money there.

You whine INCESSANTLY about capitalist greed, while LIVING here and CAPITALIZING on a society where you can make lots more money than you would if you lived where you think life is grand.

Please put your money where your weird lookin fuckin mouth is and move your fuckin show their man.

Weed, Hookers, and a population of apathetic sheep await you there.


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