May 14, 2009

Life Check….

Comin this fall for Xbox 360 is “The Strike” the worlds first interactive Fishing game.
Now I don’t wanna sound like a bummer, but I’m 38 years old, and although I was the very “First” true wave of gamers in the world, this gets me bummed.
At my age,I find my mind driftin in the middle of fightin off complete SQUADRONS of boogeymen armed with high arsenal weaponary, and me in a full sweat.

My mind says. “What the fuck are you doin??! You are 38”???!!!

Now just imagine where my brain will go, if I’m sittin on my couch with a fake plastic pole danglin toward my living room floor for 4 hours while I wait for a FAKE trout to take a bite out of my non-existent lure.

I’ve already told my roommate that if he sees this, to walk up quietly behind me, and drive a pitching wedge into the back of my skull.

Can’t go here….

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