May 13, 2009

Sex with Sybil

This one is kinda weird, and strange, and Jagular, and freaky.
There have been two times in my life where after sex, and if I can remember correctly, it was decent, the Mama broke down in a full on Bawling session. Like fuckin rivers of tears and shaking, and emotional chaos.
The first when I was 16, and it was in the back of a car in a parking lot.
She climbed off me after, and whimpered in the back seat, and I sat in a teenage stupor freaked out that I might be goin to jail.
What I wanted to do was get away from there as soon as possible. It was a confusing thing for a boy-man. She was 18 and a “woman” in my head, and I had managed to corral Sybil into my backseat.
After a good sob, she crawled into the front seat like nothin had happened, and wanted to go get food.
I wanted to check her into a fuckin mental ward.

Anyways, the point is, to this day, I’m still confused as to what the fuck all that meant, and if it was a good, bad, or indifferent thing.
I remember her saying this happens EVERYTIME after I have sex.

Anyone.. help….

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