May 12, 2009


YouTube Preview ImageThis woman should be fuckin jailed right along with her Papa.
It’s fuckin infuriating to me that she isn’t held responsible in the same way that he is.
As a mother, putting your children in this kind of horrifying circumstance when it’s avoidable is just as wrong.
I don’t pretend to know or understand the sickness or plight of women that are captured by abusive men, and held prisoner emotionally by them.
And if this women wasn’t responsible for two children, and hadn’t put them in harms way continually, then I wouldn’t much give a shit about her life choices or weakness.
Can I look upon this woman and her circumstance with compassion? Sure.
But can I realistically ask for there to be consequences for her LACK of action if innocents under her care are viciously abused, yes.
And the Papa? Forget him…. He should literally be burned at the stake, revived, and then mowed down with four men and chainsaws.

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