May 12, 2009

Attn: Papas

I just can’t do woman-hating after a break-up.
Now, obviously there’s a period of time where focussing on every single bad thing about your x-mama is necessary and healthy. Breakin up is an extremely painful thing, and to be honest I’d rather cut off a pinky then go through it. Like for REAL.
But when that emotional dust settles, there’s gotta be a reach into self to really peep into all that bullshit and chaos we Papa’s create so that we can learn from that experience and become a better boyfriend in the next round of Love.
I’ve only committed to five Mamas in my whole life and I’m 38.
Commitment is a serious thing for me, and although insane, I honestly thought I had a chance to be with each one of them forever. And when that comes to an end it’s a fuckin nightmare.
Which leads to the point…
There HAS to be many things I can learn from the end, or my behavior in each relationship I have been in, so that I can use my trials and tribulations to grow, and become a more sound man.
Just closin a chapter like that in my life and passing it off as “look at what this cunt did to me”, is not the point.
I have learned that with grindin into my own psyche and lookin at all my internal disasters, I have become a bit better boyfriend each time.
And most importantly, for me, by doin this, I get to reach the place where I get to look back at the “mama graveyard” of my life, and realize that each one of those five Mama’s were pretty incredible people who gave me so very much.
Life really is about learnin from the bad, so it can all become good.
Don’t hate your x-mama. It makes you look stupid, and classless. Move to another spot. Look inside…..

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