May 11, 2009

Fuck OFF!!!

My son went to the local street carnival in the San Fernando Valley a couple weeks ago, because he is 16 and went to public school his whole life and thus has an affinity for brown mamas.
This would be Ground fucking Zero for hot teenage Latinatas.
It’s also maybe the least safe thing he will ever do.
Gettin on any one of a dozen rides that look like the one above got me freaked out.
Of all the scary and dangerous things a teen can face, this had my “spook meter” on 99.
I had the worst vision of him climbin into this deathpen here, and then the drunkin operator spinning this thing until a rusty hinge broke off and my kid and his “Gorgeous Gutierrez” were flung three blocks into a Chevron.
All parents have their weirdo shit. It happens from time to time with me. This was one of them.

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