May 11, 2009

Attn: "Prophets"

Was havin coffee at my lil spot this mornin, and this guy showed up across the street where the Scientology building is.
He was, let’s say havin a real minute.
Just a few things on marketing level for this gentleman to help him and his cause…

Looking like a complete fuckin mentally deranged lunatic probably isn’t the look you want, when you are standing outside SCREAMING AT A BUILDING about how people are lunatics.

I have already chit-chatted here about Scientology a bit, and I tend to judge this religion based on the people I have met in it, and to be honest, one of my top five favorite human beings is a Scientologist.
Helpful, wary of the planet around him, and looking to find his way, in all his flawed humaness, he continually impresses me with his diligence in tryin to learn more about his lack and faults so that he can be the best parent he can be.

Therefore, I could care less what he believes in.
It’s workin.

Are there some wacky rumors out there about Scientology, sure…. But it’s NO different than Christianity, Judaism, or another “hip” religion Kabballah.

There’s wacky and hateful fundamentalist faction in all these God Damn religions.

This guy up here is probly in need of one of them.

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