May 10, 2009


Are completely inadequate to express how much I truly love you.
No one has been SADDLED more with my inconsistency, irresponsibility, disorganization, procrastination, and at times, my inabilities more than you.
There isn’t one other person on this entire Earth that I would want to be in this boat with.
I have learned so much through your tireless dedication to Boston, and your uncanny ability to raise our child in the most angelic way possible.
I can’t really take credit for a single thing about him and his beauty, for without you to hold us both together, we would spiral off into the emotional way in which I at times operate.
I can only beg for your respect, as I have never seen a parent, let alone mother, handle themselves with the utmost grace and singleness of purpose to our child.

I pale in comparison next to you, and will continually look up to you as you demonstrate through your actions the kind of parent I would like to be someday.


That’s what you have shown me, Bird.

I am humbled by you.

Happy Mother’s Day to my best friend.

Till the end,


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