May 6, 2009

Attn: AMEX

You can suck my dick.
And it’s somewhat wide, so you may wanna stretch your fuckin mouth out a bit.
Please don’t try to entice me with your “point programs” bullshit.
You are an indecent fucking company who keeps everything vague and ambiguous, and when it’s time to fuckin “cash in” on my points, and you tell me I get a free upgrade for a hotel room for one night, after I have aquired over 300k points, I’d rather u just send a rep over to my house to probe me anally without a lot of lube.
Just have the guy get a roundhouse start with two fingers and have him just gimme one good dry fuckin RAM.
You guys are morally bankrupt, and I’m furious and hope you the entire board gets a heavy case of fuckin cock warts.

Please review this new copy I have for you to hand out to all your customer service phone reps….

“Hi It’s American Express, what can I do to piss you off, disappoint you, and fuckin rob you today, you fuckin dumb pawn fuckhead”?

LOve, Shane

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