May 5, 2009

Lebron: Thank You

Sir, Can I count the ways you have been an asset to the planet?
This can be truly filed in the case of unreal.
Imagine waking up every morning since the 7th grade and having EVERYONE tell you, that you are the next “coming”, and treating you as such.
Always afraid to be “put out” so adults never telling him what he needs to hear.
And to that, the weight of a families dreams on your shoulders. At 13.
Whoever is responsible for keepin you grounded, this is just as much their award as it is your, sir.
The beauty of this guy, is that I’m pretty sure he’s really fuckin aware of that.
When you accept your NBA M.V.P. award at your high school gym, that signals to me that you are locked in on where you come from.
The difference between you and the “other Lebron” in the league, is that you are far more aware of your team, your place as one of a whole, and as you have matured, your game has shown as much.
It’s truly an honor to live in a time to watch you play sir.
And, on an extra level, YOU have demonstrated an unflinching sense of self in not gettin all ego’ed out and fuckin jacked on yourself.

The highest compliment I could give you is that I tell my son to play more like you than any other.

You are the best player in the league. For all the reasons the “other Lebron” isn’t.

Amen to your parents, and thank you sir, really….

Love, Shane

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