May 5, 2009

I'm sayin it…..

I wanna know what happens if your a happy mama, and you’re goin about your business, need somethin from the attic, you go there, and this is kickin it up there?
I’m a pretty open-minded guy sexually, and I’d like to think I’m down to experience a lot, especially if it’s gonna give joy or happiness to my partner.
But you know.. lines have to be drawn SOMEWHERE.

I was lookin at this for a second, and I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around this.

If you are a girl, OR a boy, what the fuck is goin on in your head if this is the FRIDAY NIGHT FOLLY???!!!

I couldn’t wrap my head around fucking a plastic doll, let alone RIDING the URETHANE!

And what happens if you are goin at “rubberface”, and you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror?

I mean that’s a quiet moment where someone has to just decide to LIE TO THEMSELF right?!



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