May 2, 2009


Momma, this is not good.
I know you are Momma, and you get anything you want, and I’m very happy about this. But there are millions of women in this country today, that could use the 540.00 these shoes cost to pay the mortgage they are 5 months behind on.
I think we all get and understand that you are our “Queen” of sorts, but Poppa is havin a hard enough time as it is keeping the forty plates spinnin he’s got up right now.
This just bturns into “outta touch liberal elitism”. Period.

There’s 512 rooms in the White House. Rock those dope fuckers in there! And when it’s time to go to the God damn food bank for a “Help the Poor” food drive photo-op, rock the granny reeboks for christ sakes.

It’s not a huge deal, but a fuckin hassle nonetheless.

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