May 2, 2009

Attn: Awesomeface

YouTube Preview ImageDrummer for an amazing band, front man for a great band, and on the side was a part of one of the 5 coolest songs of my life, I salute Mr. Awesomeface, Dave Grohl.
I had one of the weirder experiences ever at the Sunset Marquis, when this cat and the bassist for Nirvana were walkin from the car not long after “whatshisface” decided to bail out.
The look of weird sadness on his face and his exhaustion has always sorta remained in a memory I have of me on the phone while he walked by. This was back in the day of payphones and I’m sure I was on the phone, at 22 years old, tryin to manipulate a mama into doin something she didn’t want to, and we looked at each other. I stopped lyin into the phone and we both sorta had this weird moment of acknowledgment.
I’m also quite sure, that I have created this in my head into somethin much larger than it was… I mean he’s Dave fuckin Grohl. And he’s an awesomeface.

Real or imagined, it was dope.

I’ve rooted for this dude forever.

Cause he plays, and doesn’t seem to take himself too serious.

I’d definately be him for a day.


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