May 1, 2009

Attn: Max Hodges AKA SurfKook

I’ve decided I am gonna torture you.
Sorta the Perez Hilton of Surfers, there are real surfers EVERYWHERE just bristling at the fact that you, on any level, represent surf culture.
I’ve seen you on the Investigative Journalism “GEM” you are on, and it’s painfully apparent that the one brain cell you do have, is busy FRANTICALLY looking for another one up there, thus leading you through life ignorant, blissful, and painfully fuckin stupid.
Duder, you better hope I don’t find you out with my goofy flipcam, cause fuckin with you, and talkin circles around you, and watchin you search for any kind of retort, is probly gonna make you dizzy, and bring me untold amounts of joy.

I know there were a few big words in this, so spend the next few days re-reading.

SurfKook, I’m comin.

Love, Shane

One Comment on “Attn: Max Hodges AKA SurfKook

March 12, 2014 at 9:31 AM

I need to get on with my grand opening for Universal Executive offices, are you coming to it?

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